What I’ve Learned

“I’m learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.”  
—  Eartha Mae Kitt (American Singer / Actress)
  • Life is Short, and Nothing is Guaranteed.  (Cliche, but oh so very true)
  • Time is the True Currency in Life, not Money.  (Time, Love, & Freedom > $$$)
  • Your Net-Worth does not Equal your Self-Worth.  (Caveat, stay away from those who think otherwise)
  • Traveling is an Addiction (but a healthy one I would argue)
  • Greet & Leave Others with Hugs and Kisses – Latin Style – for better human connection.
  • When I Help Others, it Makes Me Feel Good – a True Win-Win.
  • Usually, Humble People are Honest People
  • My Gut Instinct is Right 99.9% of the Time.
  • “Someday” is a disease, so Find a Way to Make “Someday”  —  TODAY.
  • Fight the “Curse of Competency”, just because your Good at it doesn’t make it Exciting, which Means You Don’t Have to Do It
  • Women:  My Preference in Looking for a Relationship  —  the Older I get  — the ratio of Looks vs Personality Inverses.
  • Happiness is Found in whatever I find Exciting
  • All People Want the Same Thing – Hope, Happiness, Shelter, Food, Security
— Anthony Arden (World Traveler & Founder of the “Freedom Year” movement)

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