What is a Freedom Year?

Freedom Year   –   Take One Year of Your Life to Discover. Learn. Live.


Freedom Year* (noun) – taking a year, for you, to accomplish a life-long dream.  For many, this will include traveling to foreign countries.  Typically between the ages of 25 – 40, it is a new movement, worldwide, to not wait until traditional retirement at age 60+ in order to travel and pursue one’s life-long dreams.

For example – Move to Chiang Mai, Thailand – learn muy thai and write that novel you’ve always dreamed about
Move to Buenos Aires, become fluent in Spanish, learn the Tango, & start a new online business
Just Grab your Passport and Go – go accomplish that dream to travel around the world; and have faith  —  have faith that you will discover what you are meant to do.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You go back to you same city & work in the same job for the next 30 years.  But, at least you will have a lifetime of stories and  NO REGRETS!



Take One Year in the Prime of Your Life in order to Accomplish a Life-Long Dream


Employers will highly encourage a Freedom Year.  Employees will plan their Freedom Year just as they plan for retirement.
A Freedom Year will Show Great Work-Life Balance.


Life Expectancy in the USA — 78 years old. So, 1 Year = 1% of Your Life.
So, Take 1% of Your Life to Follow Your Dreams.

On Your Freedom Year, what would you do?
Travel Around the World?
Write a Novel ?
Learn a New Language?
Volunteer to Build Schools?
Spend More Time with Family?
Start a New Business ?
Find True Love ?


3 thoughts on “What is a Freedom Year?

  1. this is the greatest concept ever!
    i’ve been pondering doing this for awhile now as I enter the 5th year of a career i hate pushing paper for a faceless corporation!! i’ve actually been saving a lot for this and will do it for Jan 2013, in time for my 31st bday!! Thinking of backpacking South America and studying spanish for 4 months (canadian-born to colombian parents so i speak spanish but want to become more fluent) and maybe stay down if i can use my skills and trilingualism to some benefit!

    • Nice ! Thx for the great compliment Camilo. Yes, 100% you should go on a Freedom Year. Like you, I too was getting restless after 5+ years working for a big corporation.

      Only You Can Make Your Freedom Year Dreams a Reality

      I spent 8 months traveling through South America – loved every minute of it. Went from the tip of Colombia to the tip of Argentina – Tierra del Fuego. Amazzzzzing. Go after it.

      Camilo, please email me at anthony@freedomyear.com. I will want to follow your story as I develop this site more and more. Case studies of people like you and me will inspire others to follow their dreams.


  2. Hi Anthony,
    You have created a great looking site. Attractive, easy to read and navigate through, cleanly comprehensive and so helpful. More importantly, so very inspiring. I am one of those in the 60-ish category who would love to have a freedom year, but alas, spouses must always be considered.
    So, to all of you readers who have the freedom to have a freedom year…do it now and don’t look back. And good for you, Anthony!!


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