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"Rolling" Around the World .... NOT Backpacking Around the World

“No More Sweaty Backs”      Allow me to Introduce you to My Dear Sweet “Ginger

Eagle Creek Switchback 22 to Travel Around the World  (click link to buy)

This is my bag, the bag that I used to travel to 40+ countries.  And, really, no complaints.  Although it can become a total backpack, I have never used it that way.  I will roll the small pack on top of the big one.  Stairs?  No problem.  I just put on the small pack and briefly carry the ‘bigger’ pack.

Quest for the Perfect Travel Shoe: Cushe Universal Traveller Baja Mocc WP

by     (

As a minimalist traveler, I’ve long been in search of the “perfect travel shoe”. Perfect is such a subject term because it will of course mean many different things to many different people.I contacted with the following wishlist of features for my perfect travel shoe:

  • Waterproof
  • Stylish (this has been the biggest sticking point. There are plenty of light, waterproof boots available. But most look like rain boots, rugged hikers, work boots, etc.)
  • Available in black and dark brown (to ensure they match just about anything)
  • Relatively light (for comfort and packing purposes)
  • Rugged without looking like a work shoe

Their response: the simply named Cushe Universal Traveller Baja Mocc WP. Sure the name ain’t pretty, but we never said that had to be a feature.

Cushe Universal Traveller Baja Mocc WP
Cushe Universal Traveller Baja Mocc WP


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