Kick Ass Travel Blogs


Life After Cubes     (click)
Who?   Jason & Sharon, 20s – Married.  Former Silicon Valley professionals who left that world behind in order to accomplish their life-long dream to travel one year in Asia.  Now, they live in Korea where Jason has founded an online business –, and Sharon is teaching English.

Uncornered Market     (click)
Who?   Daniel & Audrey, 30s – Married.  Mid-career professionals, turned travel junkies.
“More than four years and 65 countries later, we’re still traveling around the world…and still married.”

Married with Luggage     (click)
Who?     Talbots, 40, US – A Journey Toward Knowledge & Perspective
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2008

Positive World Travel     (click)
Who?     Paul & Elise, Aussies – A Journey Toward Knowledge & Perspective
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2008

Pause the Moment     (click)
Who?     Ryan & Liz, US – A Journey Toward Knowledge & Perspective
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2008

Love & Paella     (click)
Who?     Sarah & Mister – 20s – Married
Travel?  Africa, Middle East, Europe  — Living in Spain Teaching English
Hi, my name is Sarah. Nice to meet you.  I am a lover of raspberry lemonade, good books, extra sharp cheddar cheese, beach vacations, and belly laughs, among other things. I can neither whistle nor back float.

13 Months     (click)
Who?     Susan & Grace  – Recently Married in their 30s (Americans)
Travel?   RTW – 13 Months Around the World – 1 month in each location
(NOTE:  Site is from 2006, but recommended for great posts and photos)
“…we found that most round-the-world weblogs are authored by backpackers, so we hope to provide an alternative view.”   We are not backpackers and we are not wealthy.  We’re basically a fairly normal pre-kids couple on the adventure of our lives.  Instead of taking a honeymoon, we decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world.

Solo Travelers  —  Women

OttsWorld     (click)
Who?     Sherry, 41, US  – Travel & Life Experiences of a Corporate America Runaway
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since I travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you travel experiences and photography from parts of the world seldom seen. But it’s not just about travel. It’s also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer.
Be sure to check out her other site  — MeetPlanGo (click)

A Little Adrift  (click)
Who?     Shannon – 27, US – A Journey Toward Knowledge & Perspective
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2008
I left in 2008 to travel, volunteer, and scarf down delicious vegetarian eats all over the world. I geek-out on learning new facts and sharing with others the intriguing tidbits and travel stories gleaned from life on the road.

Small World Pursuits     (click)
Who?   Alisha, 30, US – Small World Pursuits is a blog about my experiences on my volunteer journey around the world and a resource guide to help you on your own volunteer pursuits in this wonderful world.

Solo Travelers  —  Men

Stop Having a Boring Life     (click)
Who?     Rob – US – 30s – professional traveler / blogger  (after leaving Corporate America)
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2009
“The older you get, the more “exit ramps” into the unknown are behind you as we all drive tirelessly to our graves on the jam packed freeway of life. Figured I’d take one before I got stuck in traffic and woke up one day saying “what if” while coughing on exhaust fumes. In defense of the freeway, it’s a pretty safe place to drive and easy on the car.”

Where the Hell is Matt     (click)
Who?     Matt Harding – US – 35 – professional traveler / blogger
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since 2003
Known famously as the “man who dances badly on the internet”.  He does the same jig all around the globe and the videos that prove it are hilarious and inspiring.

Everything – Everywhere     (click)
Who?     Gary Arndt – US – 40s – former IT professional turned professional blogger
Travel?   RTW – Around the World since March 2007
“In March 2007 I sold my house and have been traveling around the world ever since. Since I started traveling, I have probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined.” So far I have visited over 100 countries, 49/50 US states, 9/10 Canadian provinces, every Australian state and territory, over100 US National Park Service sites and over 150 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tall Matt   (click)
Who?      Matt, US, 30s
Travel ?  RTW – Around the World in 2007
He is a great example of someone who didn’t succumb to the “someday disease”.  He left his great paying, stable job in Kansas City and accomplished a life-long dream to travel around the world.


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